January 2023

Boy, it’s been a while I updated this blog. I’m determined to catch up! But these photos are over a year old.

I got a new blue little plastic camera - the Reto Ultra Wide and Slim with 22mm lens - and took it on a first walk. Shortly before that I also got a 25mm Voigtländer lens for my Leica, and started using this, too. I don’t know, I guess I’m just getting into wide angle lenses. And this is the first month using those.

Coffee and bubbles.

Laurenz spent new year’s day at our place. And we had Bloody Marys. Oh my!

Crazy dog people.

New around-the-apartment speaker: Marshall Emberton II. Pretty awesome little thing!

Here we go: 22mm lens blue plastic camera.

That McDonalds in the old town closed and moved to a different location.

Sharing station.

Came past the Kunstakademie.

I think it was a brilliant idea to host a Christo and Jeanne-Claude exhibition while the Kunstpalast was being renovated and wrapped. Was a great exhibition, although the main draw for me was the Evelyn Richter exhibit.

My bike.


Guten Tag!

The lens is wide enough to easily get the umbrella in the frame.

Camper in the rain.

A wide angle is super inside, too!

Since we don’t have a regular car, we just take the camper for ordinary trips.

At a birthday party.

In line at our local bakery.

Supermarkt in Bilk.

At Frida’s


In the cycle lane next to mine.

Zoe high up.

Gambling and boozing.

Went to see Katatonia and Solstafir. I didn’t take any useful photos of the former.

Laurenz and Lotte post-concert.

Under my umberella…

Grandma spoiling us once again.

Playing in the winter garden.

They built a new roundabout. With the tram going right through. But thank you very much. Those traffic lights sucked.

Wow. I managed to post photos. Thanks for watching. I promise to not take that long to the next one!