August 2016

Still travelling Norway, we visited the famous Geiranger Fjord, did some day-walks, visited Trondheim, crossed the polar circle, spent a lovely week on the Lofoten Islands with Nicole’s brother Erik, before making our way to Tromsø further north.

Before driving over to Geiranger Fjord, we spent a night at the nearby Dalsnibba mountain. A spectacular location and we had it largely to ourselves.

Abendbrot. With a view.

Tiny WoMo.

The Lubitel rocks!

We decided to go on a cruise on the fjord. It was the first of the day, so we had enough time to hike back into town via a mountain in between.


Crazy, these cruiseships

Feeling small

It was quite an adventurous hike back

The famous Trollstigen road

Better fry that fish outside

We spent two nights in the little town Åndalsnes, to do a day hike across the Romsdalseggen.

This little boy easily outpaced his family. Most others, really…

Handed over my cam

Good equipment is essential

Concert on the mountain – iPhone snap

Then we paid a quick visit to Trondheim.

A church has rubbish-needs, too.

Barbaric priest

Longest wins

Got some photos printed…

…to improve the interior.

Fueling up, for the drive further north…


Proper adventurers

Significant latitude.

Too much photography

We picked up Erik at Bodø airport and the next morning we took the ferry over to the Lofoten. What a spectacular location. We had stunning weather most of the time and so this was definitely a highlight of our Norway-trip.

Erik came and brought the booze


For hanging (dead) fish to dry

We went up to the Reinebringen. I didn’t bring a dedicated cam, so here are two iPhone photos. Absolute amazing views.

Nice campsite


Our batteries were pretty much out of order. So lots of candlelight during the evenings…

Caught poopin’

Viking museet

Another hike to another top


Erik the Brave

Not brave

We spent a few hours in the picturesque town of Henningsvær:

Primo spot!

This time we dared to take a dip, too.

Then it was time again for another cruise. This time visiting the Trollfjord.

Technology makes you happy

Remarkable hair on this trip

The Trollfjord

Commander Erik

Feeding gulls is supposed to attract sea eagles, but they didn’t bother to show up.

Back to Svolvær.


Erik’s last day was spent at the newly opened WW2 museum in Narvik, which was mainly about the (ship) battles that took place in that area between the Allies and the Germans.

Checking emails on the cemetary


Bye bye!

Left an empty space

Via Senja island, we made our way towards Tromsø.


Still worried about voltage

Cleverly designed viewpoint platform

Spot for the night

The little town Husøy

It featured this old house bursting with old fish heads. The stench was unbearable.

We arrived in Tromsø, the biggest city in northern Norway. We spent a bit of time here, mainly because we needed to organise new batteries for our camper. It simply took a while to find appropriate ones.

And it’s a nice town anyway, so we didn’t mind. Furthermore, we needed to get some work done, and being in one place helps with that.

So, here are a few first impressions. To be continued in the September post.

Sometimes, you have to do some work…

Saw our first northern lights. Too much surrounding light, but still pretty impressive for us.