September 2016

This was our last month in Norway. From Tromsø we continued to drive north: via a quick detour through Finland, we came through Kautokeino, visited the northern end of Norway, and waved a “Hello” to Russia in Kirkenes before heading back south again.

The landscape was uniquely beautiful: mostly empty landscape with lots of bushes, lakes and hills. The autumn colours and the low sun made for a very picturesque and colourful scenery.

I’ll start of with a few leftover shots from Tromsø.

Tromsø’s Arctic Cathedral

The photographer inside me

Sweet yellow

Bought an Omnia oven. Good decision!


After a little search we found batteries that fit and were kind of ok for the job. At the double of German prices though.

Rusty Johnson


Unique old-school museum

Left the city. Back into nature again.

Morning coffee with morning sun

Popular spot close to the Finnish border

We went for a walk and marvelled at the autumn colours

Spent a few nights at this very spot in northern Finnland on our way towards Kautokeino (Norway).

It was time for some more thorough cleaning.

Kautokeino. Moonrise. Digital.

And then: some proper northern lights for the first time!

Came across some animal remains

Typical norwegian sight

Where bread-ends go to die

Visited this unique house/shop/museum in Kautekoino

Autumn colours again

Further north. Middle of nowhere. Popular walking track to a canyon.

Movie night

We hiked to the canyon too, of course.

Crossed a few streams. In colour…

…and black and white.

I was mainly fascinated by these tree formations.

Making of

The canyon

I believe these were direction signs for snow mobiles in the snowy season

Aaaand…back to driving through the yellow-orange-red landscape again.



Or b&w? Anyhow, we had some great spots to wake up to!

Good evening!




That’s the lighthouse at Gamvik/Slettnes in the very north of Norway. Another nice place where we spent a couple of days.

Northern lights plus moon and ocean. Magic!

Getting rid and filling up

A rare sight

We were glad we had this cover. Keeps the cockpit way warmer in the cold!

A dog I met (incl. its owner) right at the border to Russia.

He also had a Moose: dead, cut to pieces and wrapped in plastic.

Hello Russia!

Reindeers on the way back south

Last camping spot in Norway

Bye bye!