October 2016

Driving through northern Finland into Sweden, making our way towards Stockholm. And after a lot of nature and small towns, a big city was a welcome change. Especially such a beautiful one as this.

But first, let’s show some photos from the drive through Finland.

Damn, these northern lights are impressive.

A nearby tree had to do as my tripod.

I tried with the Rolleiflex too. Portra 400, ca. 3 minute exposure. Apart from the not-really-greeniness, not too bad considering the tree-pod.

At one camping spot there was a walk nearby. The sun was just about to set when we decided to do a little hike up the hill.

Look closely, and you might spot a couple of shy reindeers.

Good morning!

Removing all the condensing water that’s accumulating in the corners in that cold climate.

They’ve got proper headlights up in the north

Development. One kind.

Development. The other kind.

Medium Format Madness

Last Finnish reindeer

Coming into Sweden, our days were mostly spent driving and working. That month we had more work to do than usual, plus it was rather cold and the days were getting noticeably shorter. So we spent a lot of time indoors, mostly only stepping out to stretch those legs every once in a while and to enjoy our current surroundings.

Beer was finally affordable again! Hooray!

In the small town of Piteå. Shooting a roll of Acros.

Living in a camper make you notice ”new” things. Water-taps are one of them.


Sweden makes it easy to find a spot for emptying your toilet and get rid of your waste water. They have these toilet huts along the highways, which almost always feature a “Latrin”.


These phones include endless entertainment


Water in…

…water out

Lots of Swedes seem to like american old-timers

The little chip turned into a proper crack

And then: Stockholm. What a city! I was craving to finally do some street photography again. And we both were craving some proper city life. Not only because we didn’t have that in quite a while, but also because we found it much more desirable to be in a city with things to do indoors and later in the day, when outside it is cold, often overcast and dark early. And when the sun was out: all the better! Because then it was especially and amazingly beautiful outside, with all the autumn colours and the reflecting surrounding waters. We fell in love with this city.

We also were very much looking forward to a few concerts, which we already had bought tickets for. The first one was on the day we arrived: Kvelertak at Nobelberget.

Bit unusual to serve glass bottles


Pokemon hunters abound

Let’s see if this joke will work 5 years from now.


Rangefinder challenge

I could stare at this photo for ages


Just beautiful

Little did we know, how this thing would be required soon

…and this was actually very much redundant

Better a bird on the roof…. or so…


Ziemlich beste Freunde

Sneak peak

Dry spot



Black Metal

Black Jack

Partying with the locals

Kia Ora, mate! And thanks for the drinks!

Stockholm has a whole museum dedicated to photography: the Fotografiska. We went to see the Anton Corbijn exhibition. Plus all the others, too.

Inspiration I

Inspiration II


Good evening, general!



More Pokemon hunters

Good gig

Stripclub neighbours

Visiting the Skansen open-air zoo and museum:

And time for another concert: Katatonia, Agent Fresco and Vola at the Debaser Medis.




Russian Circles

Same skater dude



Should get better at this focus thing

They didn’t want to take off. Took a photo regardless, after waiting 5 minutes.

Stunning light that afternoon.

I was waiting for her to show up again.

I don’t know. I just like how yellow looks on Portra 400.

That’s it! More of Stockholm in the next episode.