November 2016

The days were getting noticeably shorter (thanks, standard time!) and it was getting ever colder. In fact, November featured an unusually early snowstorm, temporarily burying Stockholm under a thick white cover. This was a unique experience and we enjoyed the remaining two weeks in the city very much.

First, a few shots pre-snow:

One of our two camping spots at Tantolunden park.

I was still excited about shooting more street photography. And I had a great time aimlessly walking the streets trying to capture moments and building my courage. But I still have a lot to learn: from noticing or anticipating interesting situations in the first place, having the courage to point the camera at them, to then be quick, create an interesting composition and hitting the shutter just in the right moment.

During this exercise me and my little Canonet got more aquainted. Although it has a meter build-in, to use with shutter priority mode, I didn’t use it. Due to not quite having the right batteries for it and not being a through-the-lens meter, I found it to not always be accurate. So, I was relying on the meter app on my iPhone, or the “Sunny 16” rule and experience. This approach was working increasingly well for me.

Enough talking, here are a couple of frames I liked:

Swedish bakeries are exciting!

Pop Girls


Walking backwards

Dance like nobody’s watching

iPhone 5?

Buried by consumerism

Reminded me of a shot I took in Vienna

Hatchet to the head


Mr. Åkerfeldt doing his thing


It’s cold, I know!

Two seasons in one photo

The pre-election days. All these protest posters didn’t help.

Tilting the world

Mr. Team Framkallning. Took care of my colour negatives. Great guy. Best shop for film needs ever.

I met up with Stockholm-based designer and photographer KJ Vogelius and his little daughter Hertha. I’ve been a fan of his photos and his photography-related website(s) for a few years, and reached out to him, to see if he was up for a meet-up. Sure enough he was! So we met up a couple of times and had some good conversations about all sorts of things – more often than not about photography.


Homo”-screaming lady (not at me, just randomly into the street). She stopped after I photographed her.

And then we woke up to the most remarkable snowstorm. The whole city was covered. Walking was a challenge. Driving unthinkable. We wouldn’t even have gotten out of that parking lot.

It was bitterly cold. But while our camper was pretty much frozen on the outside, we could always heat the inside enough to feel comfortable. Still, we often opted working in cafes during the day.

Eckskjus mi, juf gott sno on jur nos!

Hard work

In Sweden, they clear the roofs, too.


Spontaneous sale items

“Design is how it looks, not how it works!”, must have been the Vasa team’s motto.

Drove over a screw. Had to change wheel.

Unique pub. Great beer!

The weather was getting nice again

Then it was time to leave Stockholm and continue south. A few impressions from the remaining days of November in southern Sweden:

Getting our windshield replaced

Coffee-cup worms

One’s named “Buster”, the other “Keaton”.

Wondering how (metal) music history would have turned out, if that accident didn’t happen or went differently.

When you’re serious about camping

And that was November. I’ll leave you with three shots of the birds of Ystad, swarming out at dusk. I like how these turned out. I probably wouldn’t have taken them like this with a digital camera. It’s a good reminder that sometimes – or even often – technical limitations result in creative outcomes (well, I think so, anyways). These were taken at 𝑓/1.7, ¼th of a second, film rated at ISO 1600 – pretty much the timed-exposure limits of my Canonet.