August 2017

Not much to write this month. Back in Düsseldorf, we prepared for the upcoming time as a little family. It was the last month without our baby girl.

And of course, we met up with friends and family. Plus, I took a few photos on the streets, too.

It takes me ages to finish a roll with the Lomo Fisheye. This was one of the last photos I took. The film has been inside the camera for 3 months.

“Tatort” watchers

These pictures are the few I liked from the Lomography 800 films I tried. I won’t buy it again.


Then I shot another film I haven’t used before: a 1993-expired Orwo NP20, given to me a couple of years ago by Mr. Freitag. I developed for 11 minutes in 1+50 Rodinal at 20℃. I wasn’t sure, if such an old film would yield usable results. But it did!


ISIS on the Rhine

Catching up with film development

A fly

Got invited to a boat ride

I’m on a boat!

Not (yet) a Death Metal fan

Turock Open Air

Not been here in a very long time


Most photogenic family

Rauchkunst Freitag

Feuerkunst Freitag

Peak tummy

Germany means coffee and cake!


August was also the last month in the camper for this season. And that’s it! Bye bye!