December 2017

I don’t have much to say this month. Life continued and these are some of the photographs I’ve taken.

At Herr Freitag’s vernissage.

December weather


Family gathering

Hanging in there

Woohoo: snow!


Yeah! Fuck him!

3 fingers

1 leg

2 hoodies

Proper ice skater

Christmas shopping excitement


Break from Nutella


Yeah, just ignore him…

Upper half.

Lower half.

At the doc

Trip to Düsseldorf again

Christmas tree transport

Two boys trying a Tesla

Condensed water or oil?

Photographing around the corner


Out and about with mum

Sweating car

At good ol’ Schumacher again

New imports from Mexico

Size comparison

Christmas Eve

Christmas exhaustion

Ukulele Black Metal

Baby on tour



When Christmas market means war

Eat the rich!

Interesting light

The thumb technique (and their new baby! :-) )

Happy new year!

Thanks for following along this year!