November 2017

A slower month. After the birth, adjusting to and getting to know our new family member, two moves, and lots of visitors, it felt good slowing down a little. Not that the last two months weren’t enjoyable – in fact, they were two of the best months ever – but it felt good simply being somewhere and having more of a routine again.

Not being so much occupied with new and temporary duties, I had more time and felt more inspired to photograph. Fuelling this inspiration was the completion of my new 35mm setup. I bought the lens – a Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f1.4 MC – the month before, and now I found a beautiful Leica M4-2 on eBay to attach it to. It’s a kit I have been after for quite a while, and now I could finally call it my own.

Not only was I very excited to start taking photos with it, it was also perfect timing. Because the film advance mechanism of my beloved Canonet QL17 got jammed. I’ve had this issue before, but this time, multiple reload attempts of the film didn’t fix it and it would always get stuck after frame 2.

So most 35mm shots this month are from the Leica, which was (and is!) an absolute joy to shoot. I was relatively trigger-happy. Of course, I took lots of photos of our daughter and family life again, but I also went out and took my new camera for a spin on the streets.

But let’s start off with some colour (Portra 400) photos from the Rolleiflex. Here is November:

Last photo with the Canonet

Hell froze over: Sina got a smartphone.

Introducing the Leica to the bathroom mirror

Quick portrait in the backyard. f1.4.

A worker’s silhouette.

Serious analogue equipment

Photo exhibition in Hilden on the American civil war featuring photographs from Mathew Brady, Timothy O’Sullivan etc. Excellent talk about these photographs by the curator afterwards, too!

Was very brave during her first vaccination. #prouddad

Showing his sister…


First trip with the M4-2 to Düsseldorf

It was a windy day

Ran into a fellow film shooter


Windy day indeed

Hits the spot

Queueing Vuitton


Soap bubble creature

Glows in the dark

Coffee break. Happy so far with the wide-open performance of this lens.

And another f1.4 shot.

Window creature


Printing session. Again, wanted to see how this lens performs wide open.

A photo I took in London earlier this year.


…our results

Wanted to record this kitchen status

…you’re in the jungle, baby, you’re gonna…

Proud grandpa

Brunch with Boddems

1 frame, 7 people

Burning meat service

Eingang – Kein Eingang

Surprise… …visit by my brother