October 2017

This was the first full month with Zoe. We got to know her more and more and it’s been a great pleasure. Still, we had lots of respect for all the situations and duties that were new to us. But generally all was well.

In addition to being visited, we also started feeling more and more comfortable visiting. We got more routined in the procedure of taking her with us and it became easier to remember all the bits and bobs to bring.

This month, we also moved into a new – and once again temporary – apartment in Ratingen. It felt a little strange moving back here, having not lived here for 12+ years. Photographically however, I find this quite interesting, since I’ve never really taken photos in and of my home town.

Here are the October’s impressions:

Tired awakening

Visiting mom

More visitors


She’s mostly happy in the push-chair. But sometimes not so much.

Düsseldorf traffic

After a bath

Grandma No. 2

It’s always great to be invited for dinner at Tina’s and Stephan’s :-)

New silhouette – part 2

The October weather was mostly nice still

The big four

Later in the month, Zoe started smiling! :-)

New neighbour


A few colour impressions of Ratingen

On Nicole’s birthday

The end