June 2018

June is our favourite time for travel in the northern hemisphere: mostly great weather, plenty of daylight and the school holidays haven’t started, yet, which makes everything less crowded and less expensive.

And spending time at the Mediterranean Sea is always a treat. The Côte-d’Azur is no exception: We had a great time as a family and I got to shoot some street photography, too.

I’ll start with a few rather random photos:

How my days started.

Messed up development.

Her favourite stone.

Visiting St. Tropez was a bit unusual, because of the Harley Davidson festival that was happening at the time. It actually improved the experience. Bikes and Bikers everywhere!

And now: beautiful Nice. There was no real option to stay in the city itself, so we stayed in a little town a few kilometres to the south. Here are a few impressions of the surroundings there, before we get to the Nice photos themselves:

What a tree!

Nice has this seemingly endless beach and promenade. That’s why I took seemingly endless amounts of photos there.

Little hands from below.

Said endless beach and promenade from above.

I had to take a photo of this guy with a Rolleiflex plus a 35mm camera (likely a Leica), and his partner patiently waiting.

Had I recognised right there how hilarious this scene actually was, I would have stopped and shot one or two more frames.

Then we drove north again, coming through the eastern parts of the Provence before continuing our way through the Alpes.

Le Gorge du Verdon.

Great camping neighbours!

Love it when a spot for the night is like this!

Love it when a spot for the night is like this!

Family portrait in the reflection of a camera obscura installation – which, alas, wasn’t good – in Annecy.