February 2019

In February I did actually shoot a little bit of street in Düsseldorf. It still wasn’t dedicated photo-trips, but I had an appointment for a Mac-repair, met up with Bernd for a beer and cinema, or simply worked at a café. And in between I took some time to shoot a few frames. That was fun and a nice little change.

Another thing responsible for good moods was spontaneously finding a new flat. Right after we felt a little hopeless last month, an interesting offer came up, we applied, and – much to our surprise – got it! The best thing: we could move in in March already. More on this in the next entry, obviously.

So. Back to this month: in addition to the few street frames, family’ish things got documented, too. Here we go…

Finally replaced the broken screen on my iPhone.

Kaffeehandwerk. Good coffee!