November 2019

I bought a new camera: a Rollei 35S. I bought one before, but that one turned out to be broken. Not so this time. Here are a a couple of test-shots at home from the first roll. Plus a few more shots, taking it with me.

Saw Opeth in Cologne.

One of my spots at one of my work-from-the-café cafés.

Bratwurst in a can.

Went to the Vernissage of the Bieke Depoorter exhibition at NRW Forum.

Zoe took her first photo with the Rollei. That was very cool to witness! (I don’t know what my hat is doing there… :-/)

That little Rollei has since become my main take-everywhere camera “even to the playground, pool or beach”. It feels lovely in hand, with very satisfying operation haptics. But: you have to get the focus right. Because that you have to guess.

Of course I continued to use my trusty Leica, too, which I took to other outings – alone or with family. And that was all for this month.

St. Martin celebrations. Zoe a little overwhelmed with the amount of people.

Training with another cam.

The library robot.


At the Fridays for Future demonstration in Düsseldorf.