October 2019

Back to „normal“ life in October. A bit unusual was that I spent time in three different band practice spaces. One of those was the longtime room of Ravage – the band I co-founded and was a part of for years. The room was cancelled a few months earlier, after Brutal Unrest – the band that had taken over the room (and which I was only very briefly a part of at the very end) – dissolved; and so now we needed to take all our stuff out of there. The other two rooms were a new one – as I was starting to make music with another band – and one of Dennis’ other bands – for a spontaneous Ravage get-together (as we sometimes do). Anyhow, let’s start with some photos from the hood.

Finishing a roll of Portra I started in Venice.

Started rehearsing with old friends.

I play the bass.

A day at the office. Apparently I spoiled myself with some afternoon cake.

Another rehearsal space. For an impromptu get-together with the Ravage guys.

Impressions from Aachener Platz flea market.


A souvenir from Venice.

And another rehearsal room. It was time to leave the old Ravage and Brutal Unrest space.

Pizza Time.

Sushi Time. At Kikaku.