September 2019

We’ve been away for most of September. The main stay of the trip was a campground near Venice – doing holiday things. But the first stopover was Garmisch-Partenkirchen, visiting my Dad.

On arrival in Garmisch, the weather was being nice.

The crew

Weather was mixed most of the time, though.

Helping grandpa with the washing.

We reached the Italian sea.

Good morning!

“Mini Disco”

Exploring the neighbourhood

Time for Venice. The photos are compiled from two separate trips. One as a whole family, and another one I did on my own.

Yes, Venice is a very popular destination. But rightly so. We certainly enjoyed it, despite the also very touristy character (which we were contributing to ourselves, of course). And away from the hotspots, it wasn’t actually that crowded. And for street photography, crowded is actually good, anyway.

Queuing for the water-bus.

“No grande navi!” The locals are not thrilled about those big cruise ships.

Everything here comes on a boat: the parcels, the police, …

I came across a few tourists searching for their accommodation. Not so easy apparently.


With a small child in Venice: do you take a pram and carry it up and down all those bridges and stairs, or do you leave it at home and carry the little one more than you want? We took option two.

Maybe also option-two-people.

Definitely option-two-people.


At the water-bus station again…

…taking another “bus”.

Art installation.

Small garage.

Large garage.

Tower reflection.


Shot a roll of Portra 400 around sunset.

Black cat…

…time to head home!

On the way back north, we stopped over at lake Idro. Lovely spot!

Then it was getting mountainous again. As a last stop this month, we spent one night on Stelvio Pass. With 2800m the highest paved mountain pass in the alps. And that’s it for this month.

Another robot.