April 2022

We visited Düsseldorf’s Aquazoo:

Zoe also watched a movie at the cinema for the first time.

She learned now to bring back up the ropeway thing on her own.

Hanging out with friends.

Gramophone, gramophone!

Mörsenbroicher Ei junction documentation. There’s a building missing.

Always improving her climbing skills.

Time for Easter. As always, it’s time to search for treats in both grandmas’ gardens.

There was indeed something hidden on the garage roof.

One of the “treats” was a hula hoop

More “egg” hunting.

More hula-hooping.

Random Zoe photo.

Then - very very likely at the Ghost concert - I caught COVID. I was really sick for a few days. After those initial bad days, I at least felt like going out for the occassional short walk around the neighboorhood and the bit of forest.

My positive test result.

Not fast. Just loud.

Luckily, a week later I was negative again, and feeling much better. Just in time for Linda’s 40th birthday party and surprise jam session.

The jam session crew.

There were songs played for Linda (and everyone else) to just listen to…

…but she also was required to play herself.

Ever-changing line-ups.

Handed over my cam, so I’m on a photo myself, too. Thanks, Dustin!


Got the old band back together again! ;-)

Even drummers sang!

…and gave everything!

The corresponding party in the evening.

Blues Brothers, Blues Sisters.

There was a fridge in their living room!

Thanks for watching! :-)