May 2022

This month features a variety of family activities and a work-week long trip to France with my client.

Inside the tram, on the way to Kaiserswerth.


Put new handlebars on my bike.


In May the water-playgrounds open.

Visited the excellent Elektro Exhibition.


Liked this giant disco-ball-skull.

Visited the yearly exhibition of primary schools. Zoe liked it, too!

Museum lemonade and coffee afterwards.

The local swimming pool is always worth a peek.

“Baking” and tattoos were popular in May, too, apparently.

Been climbing and bouldering.

Waiting for pizza.

With work, we went to Alsace in France for a week. We worked during the day, and afterwards it was all fun and games.


Well, some worked at night, too.

Hiking crew

Drone pilots

It’s me!

Sleeping spot.

Bye, France!