June 2022

We avoided the school holidays and spent our summer vacation early. We decided on southern France this time, which we thought would not be as hot in June, as opposed to later in the summer. But while we were there, there’s been a heat wave and we regularly had temperatures above 30°C. So that plan didn’t work out. Luckily there was the sea and a pool.

Overall, there are surprisingly few photos, especially from the main location we stayed at. I guess, I was just a little lazy at the time. For some reason I even didn’t take photos of our two campsites with any of my negative film cameras. Only with the phone and on instant film - which both I do not permit myself to post on this site ;-).

Anyhow, before that trip, me and Zoe did a trip to the relatively close “Irrland”, which is basically a enormeous playground.

At our local café.

At the Irrland.

Losing her hat.

Those were probably the most fun.

Taking a corn bath.

And now, off to France…

At a little town called Pérouges, where we stopped for a night.

For some reason, I have to photograph overflowing rubbish bins.


Our spot for the night.

A break at a gas station. Finding a shady spot was mandatory.

Cooling down a little.

At our campspot near Argelès-sur-Mer.

The kid demands sparkling water, so we always need to bring the soda stream.

A view

Accidents happen.

Found this cute little shop.

A lot of our meals in France consist of simply cheese and baguette. So of course, we bought some cheese here!

The campgound had gym gear.

Beach time

Beach-tent “roof”

Lunch time

Hike time

Play time…

…at our campground.

We only played in the evenings, when it was shady.

Hammock time.

Board game time.

Visited castle ruins.

Zoe liked it, and ran around looking for new things to discover.

In the evening, we arrived in Carcassonne…

…which we visited the next day.

And where I took this photo.

I don’t know what happend, but I don’t mind this dirty negative.

Switched to slide film.

Back at the beach.

Taken at some evening walk at a overnight stop - still in France - on the way back home.

This one, too.

And that’s it already for June.