August 2022

In August, I apparently only used my Horizon to take photos. So, better put your device in landscape orientation. There are captions.

In the woods

Regularly seeing on of these around here.

Went to the library.

Went for ice cream.

Evening ride.

Made new friends and played poker.

Plants make panoramic photos better.

BBQ evening

A lost shoe in Bonn.

Train selfie

On the go with Dennis.

Just the Rhine.

Saw Laurenz live with Drown in Embers.

Stayed for the headliner.

And then the trip back from Oberhausen was easy in theory, but hard in practice, and I felt a bit like this guy.

Then we met with a bunch of friends at the main station to drive to Essen. Because it was Bernd’s birthday, which conincided with the Turock Open Air.

Yes, I’ll have one of your Napalm pralines, thanks!

We spent most of the time drinking at Cafe Nord.

And then went to see Primordial…

…and Corpse.

Cafe Nord again afterwards.

To wrap up this month, me and Bernd went to see ‘Stand by me’ at the little outdoor cinema.