October 2022

In early October, the stars aligned in such a way that I could finally attend a yearly event we call “Alpeninferno” again. Every year a group of friends spend 3-4 days up on a mountain in the Austrian Alps, where we go for one or two hikes, and otherwise hang out in or around the hut we all stay at. Here are a few impressions.


On the way to our day-hike.

Our group split up for a while. The clouds cleared, and for a short moment we could see the others on the neighbouring peak.

Yes, there was snow also!

Peak photo.

It started to rain and I was happy about the umbrella I brought.

Back at the hut.

Ein jeder hier trinkt Zipfer Bier!

When the French cook, we’re on the right track.

Chip leader




Neat and tidy

One more Schnaps

Cards against humanity.

Ready for the return trip.

Back home, Zoe went pony riding.

For our still unnamend band, we recorded five songs live at our rehearsal space during one weekend.

I brought the camper, so Laurenz and I could just stay overnight.


Computer girls

We went to the petting zoo.

We saw birds on their way south.

And then, halloween was around the corner.