March 2023

March is the month of my birthday. And two others celebrated their birthdays, too. I also visited a music studio to be present for Struck A Nerve vocal recordings. And the rest is the stuff in between.

Frau Krämer liefert zuverlässig Getränke, und ich liefere unzuverlässig Fotos.

Helped mum with some garden work.

Plane at dusk over that new bridge.

Mum got me a record player for my birthday and we checked out some vintage records.

For my birthday-dinner we went to our favourite Ethiopian restaurant with some friends.

Then we moved on to drink some drinks.

…and things turned a little spooky.

Witching hour.

The next day we took the tram to Ratingen for Nicole’s brother Andre’s birthday breakfast.


Good times.

And then this gentleman turned 40. And we had a worthy knees-up. (This is a word I just looked up.)

Visiting the studio to witness some vocal recordings.

Imagine it like when the angels sing.

3/5th of Struck A Nerve.

Spent the rest of the day at Demian’s place, listening to some more vinyl.

It was time for horse-action again.

…and we got invited for pizza afterwards.


This is from in between exhibitions at the Kids Night of the Museums.

Nicole in the rain.

Zoe on an illuminated bench.