February 2017

In the shortest month of the year Nicole and I travelled to the UK to spend time with my brother Alex and his partner Sarah in England. They invited us to their newish apartment in Woking near London.

We rarely get to spend that much time with the two, so this visit was a nice exception. We simply hung out, talked, played poker, ate delicious food, drank delicious drinks, walked their dogs and went on a little trip together. And, of course, we got to enjoy London again. Naturally, I took a few street shots, too – on walks alone, with my bro, or Nicole.

Here we go…

London calling



Hello, darling!

Dramatic welcome


Bubbly welcome

Making breakfast

Introducing dog No. 1: Bella.

Introducing dog No. 2: Poppet.

After-brekkie bird-watching

They live next to a canal

…which is great for taking a walk.




Great hospitality for sure! :-)

The next morning

Making the first trip into London

It takes 30 minutes or so to get from Woking to London

Arriving at Waterloo station

British humour?

Photo trip with Alex



Thumbs up!

Ah, so funny. As if he was carrying his remaining time…

Back at Waterloo.

Time to go home.

The human look

The dog look

Riding with the bro…

…to bring their old bed (not pictured) to the trash place. With that light leak, maybe I should have left the Lomo right there, too. Nah, just kidding…

Meanwhile, Nicole made friends with the dogs…

Working in Woking (photo by Alex)

Alex preparing his famous prawn pasta.


This is back in London, btw.

Your shitty pizza’s coming!

One-person iPhone TV team

Ah, so funny, because it seems like this old guy is moving into that hearse.

Bag lady

For christ’s sake!

When it comes to the poor,


How smartphones get their screen cracks

Oh, dear…”

The Depp

Getting the legs some rest. Bro taking over the cam again.


Bri’ish weather

Yep, to cry for….

Well… I think that’s funny

At the hub again

Back in Woking

Walking the dog(s)

Sarah offering drinks, after an amazing dinner at her work place!

Left: burn hands. Right: freeze hands.

One last trip to London


Bench economy


Inside-out rubbish bin I

Inside-out rubbish bin II

Londoners have some interesting folding bikes.

Ok, that’s it already! Bye bye, doggies!


Plane queue

Back at DUS

Squeezing in one more street shot

Anywhere is our office.

The end