March 2017

One whole month spent in Germany. We lived in 2 different apartments and occasionally in the camper. This post features Remscheid, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, and a little bit in between.

Marc and Sina offered us to stay in their flat, while they were travelling in Iceland for two weeks. We gratefully accepted and had it warmer for a while – compared to staying in our mobile home the whole time.

“Fake Dinner“

Sometimes, it’s a cat and mouse game

And guess what! The Rolleiflex was back from service. It’s only been two and a half months since I last wound a roll through it, but I still was very excited to finally be able to take photos with it again. It’s just such an enjoyable camera to shoot. And I believe it makes me photograph differently and more deliberately. There’s something about how you operate it, the waste-level viewfinder, the quality of the lens and medium format film, and the all-mechanical feel that’s inspiring to me. Anyhow, I took that excitement to my Remscheid surroundings.

super lecker!

A kind of summary of that day.

The sign of the Antichrist

Blue hour is blue

Our two kind hosts the morning they returned from Iceland, not having slept the night before.

Back to Düsseldorf – or Ratingen, to be precise…

Not a Tesla!

Erik on the big screen.

We regularly learn new things about our camper. This time the water pump’s pre-filter was broken and had to be replaced.

Dragon vs. Düsseldorf

Some sunny days

A good night! A little blurry maybe.

Helping my Dad getting all the furniture out of their flat.

“…der Nackten aus dem Tatort.”

Time to get to Leipzig!

Looked dangerous


Nicole and Erik have been visiting the “Leipziger Buchmesse” (“Leipzig book fair”) together the last couple of years. And this time I joined them.

I’m not the biggest book-reader, so I did not visit the actual fair. But while the other two were there, I spent the day walking around Leipzig and taking photos.

At the “Konsum”

Little man, big Wurst

I visited the town hall, because I was given the info that one could ride a paternoster – something I hadn’t done before.

And you could.

I took a couple of colour shots as well. The northeastern suburbs really caught my attention with all their big run-down house blocks, lots of graffiti, old wooden doors and other interesting features.

Spotted a Trabi (I think)

A name I haven’t come across in a long time

The inner city’s architecture had its attractions too.

Taking back what’s unused

Ordered a coke, and sat there all by himself

Slalom bicyclist

QWERTZ has been with us long before there were computers

We spent the evenings together, visiting readings at two different locations. The topics, the quality of the books and readings were a bit of a mixed bag, but still very enjoyable and it’s been a new experience for me, too.

The typography appealed to me.

Waiting to get into…

…L3 –

The next day, passing the Russian church, on our way to…

…the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.

It’s huge!

Hello, spring!

Back on that Autobahn. Back to D-dorf.

A prominent Düsseldorf junction I’ve driven hundreds of times. Never photographed it. Until now.

Waiting for the TÜV to check the Camper. All good for the next two years!

Gar nicht mal so schlecht

Wahrscheinlich kein IT-Profi

Auch kein IT-Profi

Then we had a few more days back at Andre’s apartment, who was so generous again to let us stay while he was touring Vietnam and Cambodia.

Contrail overdose

Catching the last sun rays

Balkony view. Camper cameo.


Good night!