June 2017

Wake up. Make coffee. Work. Have breakfast. Work some more. Lunch. Walk to the beach. Swim. Read. Swim. Cook dinner. Eat. Take a photo walk. Beer. FaceTime with Nicole. Sleep.

This was what my days looked like at a nice beach north of Zadar, until Nicole returned from Germany.

After her return, we drove onto the little island of Murter, where we mostly stayed put at a nice campsite on a rocky coast. And there, a very similar routine continued for both of us.

The second half of the month, we both took time off from work and enjoyed pure lazy sunny beach life full-time near a town called Orebič on the Pelješac peninsula further south.

In between we visited the Krka waterfalls a bit inland. This was the only change from our beach-indulgence – and we liked it!

Again, there are quite a few frames missing, because I still couldn’t get any colour medium format developed. But here’s our month in 100% black and white:

My view for 4 days

4 days of freedom camping at this awesome spot

When you have to put on the sun lotion yourself

There was a film crew for a brief while…

…while I was making lunch.

At Zadar airport, waiting for Nicole.

Do it!

Couldn’t hold the camera still….

The sign isn’t lying

Watching the belly slowly grow, and feeling and seeing the little one’s movements was – still is – fascinating.


This time, putting two rolls on one reel didn’t turn out well. The length of three images overlapped, pretty much completely ruining six frames out of 24. But this one was still quite interesting.

Not the worst office

Watching vehicles go past

At the Krka waterfalls. The only frame I have in b/w.

The waist-level-viewfinder-silhouette

On the way south, you have to pass through a small strip of Bosnia and Herzegovina (before coming back into Croatia again).

A new beach (near Orebič)

This month’s self-portrait



Salty flip-flops

Ok, my feet for the last time now.

Catching up on “Twin Peaks” Season 3

Had very nice neighbours: Roger and Franziska from Switzerland. Good times!

Peace, over, and out!