May 2017

We arrived in Croatia and spent most of the month on the Istria peninsula in the north. We very much welcomed the milder temperatures, and enjoyed the region’s picturesque little towns.

Grožnjan, Motovun, Rovinj, and Pula were their names.

Later in the month we visited the island of Krk, drove to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, before ending this month’s travel in the city of Zadar, from which Nicole flew back to Düsseldorf for a couple of days for a doctor’s appointment.

Unfortunately, this entry is a few photos short – the Plitvice Lakes are not pictured at all for example – because they were shot on colour film (negative and slide), and I couldn’t get the rolls developed, yet.

But let’s get going with the photos that I can show. I’ll start with a couple of frames of an old abandoned ski station/hotel in Slovenia. We stopped here for two nights. It was a beautiful and unique spot in the mountains.

The photos will then continue straight into the ones taken in Croatia.

The little town Grožnjan. This is in Croatia now.

Look closely!

Early morning view

Setting up at a new campground

The campsite had interesting sights of the setups of the more regular or permanent customers who haven’t returned for this season, yet.

Nice light in the camper

Another abandoned building


Things were busy this month and I spent a lot of time in front of my favourite and not so favourite text editors and IDEs.


The only reasonable size for a car on these narrow streets

Trying to photograph a bird in flight in the dark while stumbling up a step


I think they finished school that day

Met Gina and Marc from Duisburg. Great company!

Not bad for f1.7, 1/4th, ISO 100! (I’m trying out the Kentmere 100 film)

Setting up at yet another new camp

Spending time inside on a rainy day

Good time to develop a couple of rolls

“… mit bunten Pfeffer”

Tummy’s growing

Had to change a tyre one evening

A day later, the spare one was also flat – some issue with its rim causing a puncture. We got both fixed the next morning.

A day after dropping Nicole off at the Zadar airport, I drove into town to wander its streets and take a few snaps.

Hovering granny

And that was May. Thanks for watching!