January – April 2021

Yay! 2021. Year two of the pandemic!

There was some good snow at the beginning of the year. So we drove over to Remscheid – which lies a little higher than Düsseldorf – to get into some proper snow action.

Played “Stratego” for the first time in ages again. Used to be one of my favourite games. I lost of course.

Online birthday party.

Free soon

Was there a lookdown at the beginning of the year? I think so. Because we spent a lot of time on playgrounds.

Neighbourhood impresson 1

Neighbourhood impresson 2

A birthday was celebrated in person:

Birthday boy

Three generations.

Anne turned their terrace into a small curling field.

Quick portrait in the sun.

There was more snow and we headed over to the nearby toboggan hill (is that the word?!):

More neighbourhood-in-snow impressions.

Then the sun was out and it was warm and beautiful. And we made a little trip to the “Urdenbacher Kämpe”:

Then I made a short trip to Freiburg. My step-grandma had died. She was 92. I wanted to attend this. But – to be honest – mostly to see my dad and have an excuse to travel and see another place. It felt exciting, although that feels wrong to say given the occasion.

“We’re getting vaccinated. Grandma first.”


Saw this solar-panel covered building as I was walking towards my hotel.

Went up a tower in a park and photographed in every direction.

Reached the hotel.

Dinner with dad and Tina.

At the funeral service.

After the funeral, I walked around town, until taking back the train back to Düsseldorf.

This cannot be translated properly into English.

More rubbish.

How the rubbish looks back in Düsseldorf.

Basketball practice with Zoe.

Friends on the swing.

Always wanted to photograph this.

More panoramic shots from the Horizon S3. Love this cam!

Our most frequented Corona test centre.

At the skate shop

On my new skateboard

Another birthday.

And even more Horizon shots:

I bought a cable release. Good decision!

Like to take the Horizon with me while cycling.

Easter egg hunt.

Made a trip to the little forest nearby.


The weather was crazy that day. One minute snow…

… and the other minute sunny.


Tried a telephoto lens on a SLR.

And we’ll end this post with more panoramic shots that came out to my liking:

The train has written “Wuhan China” on it. And I thought that was a bit ironic.

Erik and family bought a caravan.