May – August 2021

Most photos are from the three week summer holiday. But we’ll start with some neighbourhood impressions here in Düsseldorf:


Mirror-Me 2

Mirror-Me 3

With grandma

Lotti Karotti

The remote release again

Onto some shots from the Horizon panorama camera. Love taking this with me on the bike:


We made a trip to “Schloss Burg” and did a little hike around it.

Man, I love this camera’s output

The first time and not the last time we visited the Perlenau campsite.

More bike riding with the Horizon

Damn right!

Watching the football EM at the reheasal space

At the end of June, we started our three week summer holiday. The first stop was the Harz in the middle of Germany.

Of course, there are traffic jams.

Did I mention, I like taking the Horizon with me on bike rides?

I did buy myself a second lens for my Leica: a Voigtländer 50mm f/2.5 Color Skopar. Most 35mm images during this holiday are produced using this lens. It’s a nice change using something else than a 35mm lens (on my Leica). And I very much like the output and ergonomics of my new fifty.

A vending machine I haven’t seen before.

Foggy drive

Foggy walk

This one cracks me up every time I see it.

Getting some refreshments

Did an old-school train ride up the Brocken - the highest mountain in the region.

The woods were (and still are) in a very bad shape there.

We saw a few of those up top.

“Closed to protect nature.”

Some sad trees again

Leaving the Harz. Stopping for a Whopper.

Arriving on Fehmarn

So: Fehmarn. A tiny island in the Baltic Sea. Had a chill campground with lots of other kids around. Went for bike rides. Went for swims. And did other family things. We spent two relaxed weeks here.

Luckily, I did not forget my colour film, and so I exposed a few rolls of the 120 variant with my Rolleiflex:

Good looking cows.

The nearby lighthouse.

Everything’s more rusty by the sea.



We went to this cafe a couple of times, where they had this garden with lots of outdoor toys.

Jimi Hendrix gave his last concert here.

That’s it for colour. Back to good old black and white:

One day, we went up the lighthouse. It cast an interesting shadow up top.

Nowhere without Ente!

Cows in b/w

Driving a quirky vehicle.

The campground did this “flying carpet” thing, where they pull a carpet with a tractor.

Windmills: old and new.

Hey there, goat!

Lighthouse looking fabulous.

The popular balance board at that cafe again.

Bread on a stick.

You certainly had to wear a mask indoors.

The campground had this little pond with a raft on it.

And that’s it with Fehmarn. On the way back to Düsseldorf, we stopped in Hamburg for two nights I think. Always worth a trip!

On the evening harbour cruise.

Good morning!

The weather was nice!

Of course we went to a playground. Zoe’s diggin’ it!

And then we went to see the Miniatur Wunderland.

We wondered beforehand, if she’d like it.

But we shouldn’t have: she was consumed by this and couldn’t stop looking at everything.

Which is good, because we couldn’t, either. We spent hours there!

And that’s it with the summer vacation. Back in Düsseldorf:

I don’t know how she can spent so many rounds on all those spinny things. I can only last very few turns.

The Rheinturm…

…which we went up one day.

Love this one row of old residential houses amongst all those modern office buildings.

In the elevator.

A few rare and random street shots:

Visiting grandma:

Is it raining?

On a playground again.

Mirror-Me in the library.

Caught working.

More bike-photography.

You have to be quick sometimes.

Our pizzeria.

When you have the camera in the wrong setting, but it still turns out interesting.

On the kindergarten commute.

Went to the Volker Rosin concert around the corner.

A little break at the cafe.

More camping at Perlenau.

Hammock time is the best time.

I can’t explain this one. But it’s one of my favourites.

Took the Rolleiflex to the city centre.

Then Andre and Jenni moved out of their apartments and to a new one together.

Simon was there to help, too.

The weather was not so nice. Luckily we had a van at least.

That sofa was the tricky furniture.

Last self-portrait in Andre’s old bathroom mirror.

Andre with his dad in the new place.

I then spontaneously spent the evening, drank a little too much maybe, and got to know this game.

Almost back home.

Thanks for watching!